Do you have something to donate?

Do you have something that you think we might want to have?

What can we take?

We are always looking for items to add to our collections, but we have a number of limitations and restrictions on what we can accept.

  • It needs to fit within the parameters of our collections – a solid link to the community of Bedford is essential
  • It must be something that we don’t have already
  • We must have room for it
  • It must be something that we are able to preserve and protect in perpetuity with our limited resources

Don’t bring anything to Scott Manor House unless we ask you to

We need to be able to consider what you are offering before you physically bring it to us, or we come to meet you to accept it. We have a small group that has the role of reviewing all offers of donation, and it must review all offers before we will consider accepting them.

Tell us what you have

This group may be able to make its initial deliberation based upon basic information that you provide about what you are offering. You can send us that information in an email, or in a letter.

  • a brief description of each item that you are offering
  • a brief description of each item’s provenance – how you came to own it? anything you know about previous owners?
  • one to three photos that show the item, preferably from different viewpoints
  • your name
  • most importantly, a telephone number where we can reach you or leave a message, and if you have it, an email address

You can send this to us at:

Material Donations
Scott Manor House Museum
15 Fort Sackville Road
Bedford NS
B4A 2G6

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