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On behalf of the Foundation, the Fort Sackville Press publishes monographs and historical booklets researched and written by Bedford historians. All our publications are available for viewing in the reference library at Scott Manor House daily in July-August when we are open to the public as indicated at the bottom of this page.

All our publications, as well as the other documents in our research library, may also be viewed on the first and third Mondays from mid-September to May – when our history group holds its normal sessions. However, an appointment should be made for any viewing that is outside the July-August period. You can request an appointment by sending an email to

Several Fort Sackville Press publications can be viewed at the Bedford branch of the Halifax public library. All can be seen in our reading room.

If you want copies, you can order any of our publications via email, sending us your contact details and specifying which publication you want and how many copies. We will then contact you with a price, and be able to conclude arrangements for you to pick up your order, or to have it shipped to you.

Send your request for publications to the Fort Sackville Foundation, and we will get back to you with prices. Please note that we do not maintain in-house stocks of any of our pubications, but will print whatever you want as a custom order.

FSF Monographs about:

Organizations, Schools, Churches, Cemeteries

  • Brookside Cemetery Corporation of Bedford by George Christie (M2)
  • The History and Story of All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery by Norman E. Fenerty (M18)
  • All Saints Church (1904-1979) by R. Gordon Harris (M20)
  • The Bedford Fire Department by Allison Sears (M30)
  • History of Kwebec Chapter No. 27, Order of the Eastern Star, Bedford, by Iris Hubley (M21)
  • History of Bedford Lodge No. 104 A.F. & A.M., R.G.L.N.S by Roderick M. MacLeod (M33)
  • My Memories of Early Bedford Schools 1952–1984 by Velma Redden (M60)
  • Bedford Schools by George A. Christie (M10)
  • Bedford School Souvenir Christmas Card, 1906 (M42) [lists all pupils by class]

Land Development

  • Land Ownership in Bedford 1749 – 1850 by Stephanie McAllister (M26)
  • Lister – Brockwell Lands by Natalie MacDonald and Nicole Power (M39)
  • Water lots – Head of Bedford Basin by Stephanie McAllister (M47)
  • Subdivisions of Bedford 1856-2007 by Rien R. Alexander  (M55)
  • Subdivisions of Bedford Residential Development in Bedford, Nova Scotia 1954 by Rien R. Alexander (M56)
  • Millview: From Winter Cove to Salt Hill by Robert Tennant Jr. (M23)
  • Isleview by Peter and Joan Christie (M59)
  • The Parks of West Bedford Development by Alison Harding (M61)
  • Development in the Ravines of Bedford South by Kate Hinkins (M62)
  • Phase One of the Bedford Waterfront Development by Emily Côté (M63)
  • Developing Bedford – based on a talk given by Art Hustins Jr. (M75)
Leisure Activities
  • Quoits: A History of the Activity in Bedford by George A. Christie (M1)
  • The Red Cap Snowshoe Club 1871-1940 by George A. Christie (M7)
  • The Story of the Eleven Club by Marion Christie (M15)
  • Some Memories of Scouting in Bedford 1919-2003 by George A. Christie (M6)
  • Growing Up In Bedford 1914-1930 by Marion Christie (M12) View on Virtual Museum of Canada
  • The Story of the Bedford Club by George A. Christie (M5)


  • Vice-Admiral Harry DeWolf: A Scrapbook Tribute by Marion Christie (M14)
  • The Story of the Four Heffler Families in the Bedford/Sackville Area by Marion Christie (M15)
  • The Story of the Willis Family by Marion Christie (M16)
  • The Irish of Bedford by Stephanie McAllister (M25)
  • Irish Remarks by Robert P. Harvey (M43)
  • Curren Farm by Reg Curren (M37)
  • Families of the 1871 Census [compiled by Nicole Power] (M38)
  • Jimmy Butler – Bedford’s Tennis Star by George A. Christie (M44)
  • Cemetery Walks – Noteworthy People by Allison Sears (M45)
  • History of Bedford Artists by Jessie Kang (M54)
  • Artists of Bedford by Jessica Gay (M65)
  • Arthur Lismer: The Bedford Years by Patricia Leader (M78)
  • The Thompson Family by E.J. Thompson (M67)
  • Descendants of Jacques Boutilier (Boutiliers and LeBroques) by Carrie Cottreau (M71)
  • Wills: Joseph Scott, wife Margaret Scott, son Michael Scott, brother George Scott; An Act in the House of Assembly to Sell Sackville, in Accordance with the Will of Joseph Scott July 6, 1803) (M35).
  • Joseph Scott and the Scott Manor House [research papers prepared for Halifax Regional Municipality] by Brian Cuthbertson and Gillis Architects (M41)
  • Garment Research and Reproduction by Rien R. Alexander (M36) [regarding the Joseph and Margaret Scott costumes by John Renaud]
  • Morning Post at the Manor by W. Terrence Gordon [a historical drama about the Ternan Family] (M76)
  • Firefighting Memories by Eric Sheppard

Historic Bedford

  • The Barrens of Bedford Reminiscences by George A. Christie (M3)
  • Bedford: A Photographic History by George A. Christie (M9)
  • Memories of Railways in Bedford by George A. Christie (M11)
  • The Bedford I Remember by R. Gordon Harris (M19)
  • Nostalgia by C. Nelson Kennedy, (M22)
  • Selected Industries of the Head of Bedford Bay by Robert Tennant, Jr. (M24)
  • The Evolution of the Practice of Medicine in Bedford by Stephanie McAllister (M27)
  • The Story of Cushing Hill from 1930-2013 by Ruth P. Elliott Jay (M58)
  • The Story of Paper Mill Lake by Janet MacLeod (M64)
  • At The Mouth of the Sackville River 1405 Bedford Highway by June Boswell (M66)
  • Bedford’s Fish Hatchery Park by Heather Campbell (M40)
  • Fish Hatchery Park by Lew Turner (M53)
  • Bedford Then and Now – Half A Century of Change: 1963 by W. A. Parker (M49)
  • Lew Turner’s Then and Now Photos of Bedford by Lew Turner (M52)
  • Bedford Then and Now Display Guidebook, March 2018, by Elaine Loney, Jean MacLeod, and  Lew Turner (M72)
  • People, Places and Things by Marion Christie (M17)
  • Dominion Rifle Range by George A. Christie (M4)
  • The Bedford Post Office, 1924–1941 by Lillian Fox (M51)
  • Politics in the Village 1921–1980 by Kendra Matheson (M31)
  • Treasure Hunting on Bedford Basin by Stephanie McAllister (M46)
  • Guarding The Railway Bridge and Mystery of the Bullets in the Belfry by George A. Christie (M8)
  • Tall Ships in the Basin by Tony Edwards (M57)
  • Stone Walls and Picket Fences of Bedford by Janet MacLeod (M32)
  • Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917 [personal account of Evelyn Fox Richardson] (M68). See video
  • Halifax Explosion The Bedford Story by June Boswell (M69).
  • Halifax Explosion More Bedford Stories by June Boswell (M74)
  • Willis Family Home—Moved during reconstruction of the Bedford Highway. Based on a presentation by Olga Willis Fox, edited by June Boswell (M77)
  • Street Names of Bedford as of 2008, Named for Individuals or Families of Bedford by Olivia Tullock (M70)
  • The Demographic Changes of Bedford 1871-2019 by Angela Capobianco (M73)
  • Bedford in Four Distinct Years: 1867, 1917, 1967, 2017 by Francene Cosman, Brenton Haliburton, June Boswell, and Terry Gordon (M79)
  • Great Roads of Bedford by Robert Tennant (M80)

Nova Scotia History 1700’s

  • Fort Sackville by Lola Doucet (M34)
  • The Piziquid–Chebucto Trail by Jonathon Fowler (M50)
  • History of 18th Century Nova Scotia as it Relates to the Settlement of Bedford, The Scott Manor and
    Halifax 1750-1800 by Brenton Haliburton (M48)

Historical Booklets

  • Heritage Walk #1 Old Central Bedford (HB1)
  • Heritage Walk #2 Main and Lower Roads (HB2)
  • Heritage Walk: Andrew Cobb Walk (HB3)
  • Heritage Walk: Eagle’s Nest Walk (HB4)
  • A History of Fort Sackville (HB5)
  • Scott Manor House: A Rare Architectural Treasure with a Special History by Yan Desormeau, with Helen Dewar and Ann MacVicar (HB6)
  • A History of the Windsor/Pisiquid Road by Helen Dewar (HB7)
  • The Life of Colonel Joseph Scott by Helen Dewar (HB8)
  • Inns and Hotels of Bedford by Chantal Gray (HB9)
  • A Day in the Life of the Scott Family by Chantal Gray (HB10)
  • History Hunt: Games, Colouring and More! by Chantal Gray (HB11)
  • Bedford Golf Club by Alison Leadley (HB12)
  • Bedford’s Irish Town Walk by Stephanie McAllister (HB13)
  • Halifax 1750 -1800 by G. Brenton Haliburton (HB14)
  • The Life of George Scott: 1722-1767 by Emily Côté (HB15)
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