Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Programs for 2022

We are optimisticly and cautiously reopening Scott Manor House for 2022, with tours of the House and with a selection of exhibits, concerts and activities taking place during July and August.

We will kick off the season with our Georgian Social, at Scott Manor House, on the 25th of June, as our part of the Bedford Days activities.

The House will be open for visits and tours with our student guides, starting on Canada Day, the 1st of July. You can see the normal hours of operation, during which the House is open to the public, by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

We have planned a full program for the summer, including concerts, displays, demonstrations and exhibits, and family oriented activities running throughout July and August. Click here to see the the details of this summer’s program.

The season will end with the closure of the house near the end of August, with the 26th set as the last day that Scott Manor House will be open to the Public for this season.

Thank you to the many displayers, guilds, artists and performers who bring excitement and draw visitors to Scott Manor every summer—we can’t wait to host you in 2023!

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