Bedford’s Historic Destination

Bedford’s Historic Destination

Scott Manor House

Community Museum and Heritage Resource Centre
A registered heritage property, built c. 1770 as the family home of Joseph and Margaret Scott, near the old Fort Sackville site.

Today, it is home to the Fort Sackville Foundation.

The Scott Manor House is open to the public during seasonal hours. Admission is free; donations are very much appreciated.

Collections and Resources

Discover Bedford’s History
Explore our collections of artifacts, photos, exhibits and other resources, and visit our Reading Room. Learn more about the community of Bedford, its people and heritage. Contact us for more information.

Visitor Information

Summer Season:  Scott Manor House is looking forward to welcoming summer visitors.  You can see our operating hours immediately below. We can’t wait to show you Bedford’s oldest home, nestled on beautiful grounds and steps away from the site of old Fort Sackville. We’d like to help you explore Bedford’s heritage through our collections and local history publications.

It will be wonderful to once again greet you with a warm hello at any or all of our summer program events. While we have put almost all aspects of COVID behind us, we ask that you do take care to protect yourself and to respect the staff and other visitors.

There are other ways to explore our resources. You can:
– visit the NovaMuse website to sample some of the Scott Manor House collection or
– visit the reference section of the Bedford Public Library to easily access our local history publications.

Outside the Summer Season: While Scott Manor House is open to the public for visits during the summer, when we have full-time staff on duty, it remains possible to seek access to our collections at other times of the year. However, we will only agree to such access if we are able to arrange for a member-volunteer to act as an escort throughout such visits.

If you would like to have such access, particularly to conduct research, you should send us a request by email, outlining what you would like to accomplish, what part of the collection or records you would like to see, and the dates and times that might work best for you. We will then consider your request and advise you accordingly. The easiest way to do this is to send us an email request, at least two weeks in advance of any requested visit.

Events & News

Our summer program of exhibits, art & crafts shows, musical events, and presentations, is open to the public. During the fall, winter and spring, the Fort Sackville Foundation offers community events, and welcomes members of the public to general meetings, some of which feature guest speakers. You can see a listing of the planned activities by clicking here.

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