Adam Carney, an East Coast Amateur Aerials hobbyist drone pilot was captivated by Scott Manor House and its park like surroundings. With a love of history, he applied his talents to filming Bedford’s oldest home and heritage property. The video Scott Manor House is now available for all to see on East Coast Amateur Aerials’ YouTube Channel. Be prepared to be spellbound by the airborne trip that Adam takes us on, above, around and over this graceful and enduring colonial home. There are views you could only imagine before. It’s magical.

Adam has lived in the area for almost 25 years. Compared to other parts of Canada where he has lived, he finds the amount of  history here to be “unbelievable.” He has recorded aerial views of other local historic structures. What made Scott Manor intriguing to him was the inviting feeling he experienced when he entered the property, with the big, old oak tree standing tall and framing the lane.

Adam’s passion for drone videography takes him from time-to-time into the world of professional production. He recently contributed to Betula Nigra: The Life of Charles Fenerty that premiered in January 2021 on Eastlink and the true crime series Halifax Homicide. He says his hobby is turning into the beginnings of a career, with aspirations to become a special operations drone pilot, that would qualify him to assist in search and rescue and police work. In the meantime, we look forward to more aerial footage from Adam highlighting Nova Scotia’s heritage.

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