The Fort Sackville Press publishes monographs and historical booklets researched and written by Bedford historians. Publications are available for viewing at Scott Manor daily in July-August from 10 am to 4 pm, and on the first and third Monday mornings of the month from mid-September to May. Several Fort Sackville Press publications are at the Bedford branch of the Halifax public library. For purchase information, contact the Fort Sackville Foundation.


Organizations, Schools, Churches, Cemeteries

  • Brookside Cemetery Corporation of Bedford by George Christie (M2)
  • The History and Story of All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery by Norman E. Fenerty (M18)
  • All Saints Church (1904 – 1979) by R. Gordon Harris (M20)
  • The Bedford Fire Department by Allison Sears (M30)
  • History of Kwebec Chapter No. 27, Order of the Eastern Star, Bedford by Iris Hubley (M21)
  • History of Bedford Lodge No. 104 A.F. & A.M., R.G.L.N.S by Roderick M. MacLeod (M33)
  • My Memories of Early Bedford Schools 1952 – 1984 by Velma Redden (M60)
  • Bedford Schools by George A. Christie (M10)
  • Bedford School Souvenir Christmas Card, 1906 (M42) [lists all pupils by class]

Land Development

  • Land Ownership in Bedford 1749 – 1850 by Stephanie McAllister (M26)
  • Lister – Brockwell Lands by Natalie MacDonald and Nicole Power (M39)
  • Waterlots – Head of Bedford Basin by Stephanie McAllister (M47)
  • Subdivisions of Bedford 1856 -2007 by Robyn Forward (M55)
  • Subdivisions of Bedford Residential Development in Bedford, Nova Scotia 1954 by Robyn Forward (M56)
  • Millview: From Winter Cove to Salt Hill by Robert Tennant Jr. (M23)
  • Isleview by Peter and Joan Christie (M59)
  • The Parks of West Bedford Development by Alison Harding (M61)
  • Development in the Ravines of Bedford South by Kate Hinkins (M62)
  • Phase One of the Bedford Waterfront Development by Emily Côté (M63)
Leisure Activities
  • Quoits: A History of the Activity in Bedford by George A. Christie (M1)
  • The Red Cap Snowshoe Club 1871-1940 by George A. Christie (M7)
  • The Story of the Eleven Club by Marion Christie (M15)
  • Some Memories of Scouting in Bedford 1919-2003 by George A. Christie (M6)
  • Growing Up In Bedford 1914 – 1930 by Marion Christie (M12) View on Virtual Museum of Canada
  • The Story of the Bedford Club by George A. Christie (M5)


  • Vice-Admiral Harry DeWolf: A Scrapbook Tribute by Marion Christie (M14)
  • The Story of the Four Heffler Families in the Bedford/Sackville Area by Marion Christie (M15)
  • The Story of the Willis Family by Marion Christie (M16)
  • The Irish of Bedford by Stephanie McAllister (M25)
  • Irish Remarks by Robert P. Harvey (M43)
  • Curren Farm by Reg Curren (M37)
  • Families of the 1871 Census [compiled by Nicole Power] (M38)
  • Jimmy Butler – Bedford’s Tennis Star by George A. Christie (M44)
  • Cemetery Walks – Noteworthy People by Allison Sears (M45)
  • History of Bedford Artists by Jessie Kang (M54)
  • Artists of Bedford by Jessica Gay (M65)
  • Arthur Lismer: The Bedford Years by Patricia Leader (M78)
  • E. J. Thompson Family by the Thompson Family (M67)
  • Descendants of Jacques Boutilier (Boutiliers and LeBroques) by Carrie Cottreau (M71)
  • Wills: Joseph Scott, wife Margaret Scott, son Michael Scott, brother George Scott; An Act in the House of Assembly to Sell Sackville, in Accordance with the Will of Joseph Scott July 6, 1803) (M35).
  • Joseph Scott and the Scott Manor House [research papers prepared for Halifax Regional Municipality] by Brian Cuthertson and Gillis Architects (M41)
  • Garment Research and Reproduction by Robin Forward (M36) [regarding the Joseph and Margaret Scott costumes by John Renaud]
  • Morning Post at the Manor by W. Terrence Gordon [a historical drama about the Ternan Family] (M76)

Historic Bedford

  • The Barrens of Bedford Reminiscences by George A. Christie (M3)
  • Bedford: A Photographic History by George A. Christie (M9)
  • Memories of Railways in Bedford by George A. Christie (M11)
  • The Bedford I Remember by R. Gordon Harris (M19)
  • Nostalgia by C. Nelson Kennedy, (M22)
  • Selected Industries of the Head of Bedford Bay by Robert Tennant, Jr. (M24)
  • The Evolution of the Practice of Medicine in Bedford by Stephanie McAllister (M27)
  • The Story of Cushing Hill from 1930-2013 by Ruth P. Elliott Jay (M58)
  • The Story of Paper Mill Lake by Janet MacLeod (M64)
  • At The Mouth of the Sackville River 1405 Bedford Highway by June Boswell (M66)
  • Bedford’s Fish Hatchery Park by Heather Campbell (M40)
  • Fish Hatchery Park by Lew Turner (M53)
  • Bedford Then and Now – Half A Century of Change:1963 by W. A. Parker (M49)
  • Lew Turner’s Then and Now Photos of Bedford by Lew Turner (M52)
  • Bedford Then and Now Display Guidebook, March 2018, by Elaine Loney, Jean MacLeod, and  Lew Turner (M72)
  • People, Places and Things by Marion Christie (M17)
  • Dominion Rifle Range by George A. Christie (M4)
  • The Bedford Post Office, 1924 – 1941 by Lillian Fox (M51)
  • Politics in the Village 1921 – 1980 by Kendra Matheson (M31)
  • Treasure Hunting on Bedford Basin by Stephanie McAllister (M46)
  • Guarding The Railway Bridge and Mystery of the Bullets in the Belfry by George A. Christie (M8)
  • Tall Ships in the Basin by Tony Edwards (M57)
  • Stone Walls and Picket Fences of Bedford by Janet MacLeod (M32)
  • Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917 [personal account of Evelyn Fox Richardson] (M68). See video
  • Halifax Explosion The Bedford Story by June Boswell (M69).
  • Halifax Explosion More Bedford Stories by June Boswell (M74)
  • Willis Family Home—Moved during reconstruction of the Bedford Highway. Based on a presentation by Olga Willis Fox, edited by June Boswell (M77)

Nova Scotia History 1700’s

  • Fort Sackville by Lola Doucet (M34)
  • The Piziquid – ChebuctoTrail by Jonathon Fowler (M50)
  • History of 18th Century Nova Scotia as it Relates to the Settlement of Bedford, The Scott Manor and
    Halifax 1750 -1800 by Brenton Haliburton (M48)

Historical Booklets

  • Heritage Walk #1 Old Central Bedford (HB1)
  • Heritage Walk #2 Main and Lower Roads (HB2)
  • Heritage Walk: Andrew Cobb Walk (HB3)
  • Heritage Walk: Eagle’s Nest Walk (HB4)
  • A History of Fort Sackville (HB5)
  • Scott Manor House: A Rare Architectural Treasure with a Special History by Yan Desormeau, with Helen Dewar and Ann MacVicar (HB6)
  • A History of the Windsor/Pisiquid Road by Helen Dewar (HB7)
  • The Life of Colonel Joseph Scott by Helen Dewar (HB8)
  • Inns and Hotels of Bedford by Chantal Gray (HB9)
  • A Day in the Life of the Scott Family by Chantal Gray (HB10)
  • History Hunt: Games, Colouring and More! by Chantal Gray (HB11)
  • Bedford Golf Club by Alison Leadley (HB12)
  • Bedford’s Irish Town Walk by Stephanie McAllister (HB13)
  • Halifax 1750 -1800 by G. Brenton Haliburton (HB14)
  • The Life of George Scott: 1722-1767 by Emily Côté (HB15)