Seeking Community Feedback

Seeking Community Feedback

The Fort Sackville Foundation, a completely volunteer organization, has been managing the Scott Manor House since 1996.  During that time the mandate has been:

To collect, protect, preserve and promote the history and cultural heritage of Bedford.

We are now reaching out to our community to assess our impact in the community and to determine the future goals for the Fort Sackville Foundation.  As such, we are asking you to take a moment and provide us with your feedback on these three questions:

1.     What does the Fort Sackville Foundation do well?

2.     What could we do better to be more relevant to the community? 

3.     What goals should the focus of the Fort Sackville Foundation for the next 3- 4 years?

Please email your comments, by November 30, to 

We appreciate your support.

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