New Monographs Presented to Bedford Library

New Monographs Presented to Bedford Library

In what has become an annual Heritage Month event at Scott Manor House, the Fort Sackville Foundation presented five new monographs to representatives of the Bedford Library on February 3, 2020.

Published by the Fort Sackville Press, these new resources portray different aspects of Bedford’s development. Street Names of Bedford as of 2008, Named for Individuals and Families, by Olivia Tullock and The Demographic Changes of Bedford (1871-2019), by Angela Copabianco were produced by summer student staff. Developing Bedford – based on a talk by Art Hustins Jr. describes growing up in the Hustins family and the development that occurred in Bedford as a result of their family enterprises. Robert Tennant’s Great Roads of Bedford takes us back to early Bedford development when the roads to Windsor and Truro were travelled by stagecoaches and pony express. In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, Bedford in Four Distinct Years: 1867, 1917, 1967, 2017 by Francene Cosman, Brenton Haliburton, June Boswell, and Terry Gordon, highlights how much the community has changed since Confederation.

The monographs will be catalogue and placed in the reference section of the Bedford Branch of the public library alongside other Fort Sackville Foundation publications, so everyone can access them throughout the year. Ann MacVicar, chairperson of Reading, Research and Resources, in making the presentation was appreciative of the Library’s role in helping the public explore local heritage resources. She thanked the summer students and volunteer researchers for their wonderful contributions to preserving and sharing Bedford heritage. Lara McAllister, acting head librarian, Bedford Branch of the Halifax Public Libraries, accepted the monographs with Ken Willimont, the library’s Basin District Manager of Programs and Community Engagement. Lara McAllister commented that children use these resources for their school projects, and that the Fort Sackville Foundation resources are “well-used and well-loved” by library patrons. Ken Willimont commended the Foundation for their work preserving local information that otherwise would be lost.

The Foundation’s complete collection of monographs and other Bedford heritage resources can be viewed in the Reading Room at Scott Manor House (check our seasonal hours). 

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